QA-DKRZ - Quality Assurance Tool for Climate Data

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The Quality Assurance tool QA-DKRZ developed at DKRZ checks conformance of meta-data of climate simulations given in NetCDF format with conventions and rules of projects. At present, checking of CF Conventions, CORDEX, CMIP5, and CMIP6, the latter with the option to run PrePARE (D. Nadeau, LLNL) is supported. The check results are summarised in json-formatted files.

Getting Started

The recommended way to install QA-DKRZ is by the conda package manager. External tables are downloaded at run-time, when needed for dedicated projects.

$ conda create -n qa-dkrz -c conda-forge -c h-dh qa-dkrz


CMIP6: The development of the internal CMOR checker of QA-DKRZ is frozen. Instead, PrePARE ( is run by qa-dkrz. The output of PrePARE is merged into the flow of QA-DKRZ annotations.

$ conda create -n cmor -c conda-forge -c pcmdi cmor

There are different ways to access the QA-DKRZ checker qa-dkrz:

  • source [conda-path/]activate qa-dkrz and run with qa-dkrz
  • path/miniconda/envs/qa-dkrz/bin/qa-dkrz
  • alias qa-dkrz=path/miniconda/envs/qa-dkrz/bin/qa-dkrz

If a machine is not suited for Linux-64Bits or you would like to work with the sources, then see Installation for details.

The success of the installation may be checked by running qa-dkrz for a single NetCDF file. Provision of a project name, e.g. -P CORDEX, is required in this simple case. Initially, you’ll be asked for a path to QA-TABLES (to put it simply, a directory for external tables; details in Installation).

$ qa-dkrz -P PROJECT-Name

The QA-DKRZ module for checking CF Conventions is also available stand-alone:

$ dkrz-cf-checker [ops]

Running the QA_DKRZ tool requires external tables which are not provided by conda packages. qa-dkrz delegates installation and updates to a script, when the first argument is install .

$ qa-dkrz install [opts] PROJECT-Name


QA-DKRZ applies Sphinx, and the latest documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs.

Getting Help

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Bug tracker

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or annoyances, please, report to our issue tracker at


The sources of QA-DKRZ are available on Github:

You are highly encouraged to participate in the development.


Please notice the Disclaimer of Warranty (DoW.txt) file in the top distribution directory.