CF Conventions Checker

The CF Conformance checker applies to conventions 1.4 -1.7 (

The checker is a bash script and resides in

dkrz-cf-checker [opts] files(s)

Purpose: Check for CF Conventions Compliance (
The checker is part of the QA-DKRZ package (
Compilation: '/your-path-to-QA-DKRZ/install CF' unless
the package was downloaded via 'conda create -n qa-dkrz  -c conda-forge -c h-dh qa-dkrz'.
  -C str     CF Convention string; taken from global attributes by default.
  -F path    Find recursively all nc-files from starting point 'path'.
  -p str     Path to one or more NetCDF files.
  -R         Apply also recommendations given by the CF conventions.
  --debug    Show execution commands.
  --param    Only for program development.
  --ts[=arg] Run the files provided in the Test-Suite for CF Conventions
             rules in QA-DKRZ/CF_TestSuite. If particular NetCDF files are
             provided additionally, then only these are used. If a filename
             cannot be resolved unambiguously, then use optional arg F[ail] or P[ass}.

CF Test Suite

A collection of NetCDF files designed to cover all rules of the CF Conventions derived from the examples of the cf-conventions-1.6.pdf documents. There are two branches.

Proper meta-data and data sets, which should never output a failure. Number of files: 81
Each file contains a (mostly) single break of a rule and should never pass the test. Number of files: 187

The suite is checked entirely by applying option --ts. When filenames are additionally passed to the checker, then only these are checked. If such filenames are without a leading path, the checker tries to find out the location in the two branches. If it should be available in both, then provide P or F as argument to --ts.

Please, note that running some files from the suite by a different checker may raise additional annotations, because the files are in fact only snippets with a partly missing data segment.